Angel of Death

Angel of Death
by Eamoon 

Book: Stand Alone
Publisher: CreateSpace
Pub Date: Dec 14 2013
Genre: Young Adult
Format: eBook
Source: Publisher / Tour
Book Links: Goodreads   Amazon

Tormented by dreams and visions from an early age, Emily Dunhurst battled her way through childhood, missed the excitement of teenage years, yet still managed to arrive in her twenties with some shard of sanity. 

But, when the Angel of Death appears at her grandmother’s bedside, Emily’s world is remolded in pain and worry. Her ability to see otherworldly creatures is the only way to stop the Creator’s Servant—and save her family. 

However, Emily soon finds out that angels are hard to stop.

My Review: So I read the blurb for this book and thought it was something I would enjoy. First off the blurb does go well with the cover of the book, which is a plus. However, my overall thoughts on the book is mixed. 

Seeing otherworldly creatures? Yes, a love for me to read. How it came about? Eh, a bit on the slow side for me. How the death angel came on down and the events leading up to Emily seeing these creatures, was slow for me. Some parts I wasn’t sure if I liked it, but I didn’t hate it either. 

Save the family is great! Means an adventure of angels, death, a fun paranormal kick all mixed up. Though I wasn’t happy with a few parts and it made me lose interest in the book. I did finish the book, though the beginning and ending were the best parts for me. the middle of the book just kept losing me and made me hard to enjoy the book like I planned. 


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