Baby Julia Feeds the Moon

Baby Julia Feeds the Moon
by Jason Sandberg

Book: Stand Alone
Publisher: Jason Sandberg
Pub Date: Jan 14 2014
Genre: Childrens
Format: eBook
Source: Author
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In a small house, on a small hill, there lives a small baby with a big heart. Her name is Julia and when she discovers that the moon is hungry she’s determined to help! This lovingly crafted bedtime story is filled with twinkling stars and pixie wings.

My Review: I’m back with another of Jason’s books! This time it’s with a baby!  Julia is so cute! She can’t sleep, because of the moon. Her imagination tells her to feed the Moon and will make sure that she does it.

Why the moon? Well she was in her cozy crib, when the sound of crying from outside her window reached her. Plus the moon told her it was hungry. Yup, Julia has a cute winged secret.

I really loved how cute it was, even for a short book, it has a lot of imagination. Something I would read to my kids, plus it’s good for all ages! You can’t be to young to read this book, and maybe you will come up with your own stories when you can’t sleep! Who knows what you or a kid could dream up!


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