Weekly Spotlight – Vivian Winslow

week, I’m introducing Vivian Winslow. 
books are amazing and full of details, but be careful these are adult rated
noticed shes written a lot of books, each one is about a different person. So
you could read them as a stand alone. But I like to read them in order, since
previous characters tend to show up in other books.
read them all and I’ll never get enough of her books……so today I’ll
introduce you to her Gilded Flower Trilogy.
FLOWER SERIES — Contains all three books: Gilded Lily, Calla Lily, and Tiger

Gilded Lily (Book 1)- After catching her fiancé
Jack in bed with her sister the day before her wedding, New York socialite Lily
Baron escapes to Rio, her honeymoon destination—alone. There, Marcelo, the dark
and sexy hotel masseur, releases a heated passion Lily had never experienced
with Jack. When Lily meets handsome and powerful Brazillionaire Gustavo de
Lima, she can hardly resist him. There’s just one problem. He’s married. In
this uber-sensual city, will Lily’s reluctance to be with a married man, in
light of her own fiancé’s betrayal, give way to her burning desire for

                                                         My Review

Calla Lily (Book 2) – Having experienced a
profound personal and sexual awakening during her solo honeymoon to Brazil, New
York socialite Lily Baron rushes back to New York upon hearing the news that
her father has fallen ill. Now, Lily must take the helm of the Baron Media
empire and fend off a high-stakes hostile takeover attempt. With the fate of
the company hanging in the balance, will Lily be able to resist the advances of
the luring, unwanted suitor in the boardroom as well as the bedroom? Things get
steamy in this highly anticipated sequel to Gilded Lily.   

Tiger Lily (Book 3) – Weary from battling a
hostile takeover attempt of her family’s company, Lily seeks a distraction in
Todd, an erstwhile bartender with a large trust fund and magical tongue.
Meanwhile, a connection seems to be developing between Lily and Alejandro, a
wealthy and gorgeous Cuban-American, whose brother, Rodrigo, is dating Lily’s
twin sister, Dahlia. When Alejandro unexpectedly rebuffs Lily one night, she is
deeply dismayed. But, after seeing Alejandro’s picture with a gorgeous Latina
model in the gossip pages, Lily thinks it wasn’t just a misunderstanding. When
the sisters and brothers reunite in Aspen for a ski weekend, will Lily’s heart
remain frozen or will the fire between her and Alejandro rekindle and melt away
the ice? 


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