Weekly Spotlight

Sophie Jordan and the Ivy Chronicles 

Before she goes after the life
she’s always wanted, she’s about to find the one she needs.
Pepper has been hopelessly in love
with her best friend’s brother, Hunter, for like ever. He’s the key to
everything she’s always craved: security, stability, family. But she needs
Hunter to notice her as more than just a friend. Even though she’s kissed exactly
one guy, she has just the plan to go from novice to rock star in the
bedroom—take a few pointers from someone who knows what he’s doing.
Her college roommates have the
perfect teacher in mind. But bartender Reece is nothing like the player Pepper expects.
Yes, he’s beyond gorgeous, but he’s also dangerous, deep—with a troubled past.
Soon what started as lessons in attraction are turning both their worlds
around, and showing just what can happen when you go past foreplay and get to
what’s real…

What happens when a girl who
always calls the shots meets a guy who’s too wild for even her?

A born flirt and good-time party girl, Emerson has never had a problem finding
a willing guy. She’s always chosen her hookups carefully, and she’s never
broken her three cardinal rules:

Never let them see the real you.
Never fall in love.
Always leave them begging for

Then Shaw comes along. A hottie from the wrong side of the tracks, he’s immune
to her flirtatious banter and come-hither smile. After rescuing her from a
disastrous night at a biker bar, he doesn’t even try to take her to bed—he
calls her a tease and sends her home instead. Unable to resist a challenge, or
forget the sexy, dark-eyed, bad-boy biker, she vows to bring him to his knees.

But instead of making Shaw beg, Emerson finds herself craving him. For the
first time in her life, she’s throwing out her rule book. Suddenly, she’s the
one panting for a guy she can’t control—a guy who won’t settle for anything
less than the real Emerson and who forces her to do things she’s never
imagined, including facing a past she thought she’d buried.

A guy who just might leave her wanting more. .


A good girl goes fabulously bad in
the final book in New York Times bestselling author Sophie Jordan’s sexy New
Adult romance series, in which three Ivy League suite-mates seek higher
knowledge of just how far they can go.
Months after her boyfriend dumped
her, Georgia can still hear the insults he hurled at her. Boring. Predictable.
Tame. Tired of feeling bad, she’s ready to change her image, and go a little
wild. What better way to prove her ex wrong than a hot night of sexual
adventure at the secret campus kink club?
In the shadowy den of the kink
club, she unexpectedly runs into Logan Mulvaney, her friend’s little brother. A
player extraordinaire too hot for his own good, he may be younger, but the guy
is light years ahead when it comes to sexual experience. Now he’s telling her
to go home—“good girls” don’t belong here!
Georgia is tired of having others
define her. She’s going to teach Logan a lesson he won’t forget—one white hot,
mind-wrecking kiss . . . that leads to another . . . and another . . . and. . .
. Realizing she’s way in over her head, Georgia runs.
Only Logan won’t let her go.
Everywhere she goes he’s there, making her want every inch of him. Making her
forget who she is. Who he is. And just how wrong they are for each other.


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