A Boy Called Christmas

A Boy Called Christmas
by Matt Haig
Book: Stand Alone
Publisher: Canoegate
Pub Date: November 2015
Genre: Young Adult
Format: ARC
Source: Publisher
Book Links: Goodreads  Amazon  Book Depository
You are about to read the true story of Father Christmas.
It is a story that proves that nothing is impossible.
If you are one of those people who believe that some things are impossible, you should put this book down right away. It is most certainly not for you.
Because this book is FULL of impossible things.
Are you still reading?
Then let us begin . . .
A Boy Called Christmas is a tale of adventure, snow, kidnapping, elves, more snow, and an eleven-year-old boy called Nikolas, who isn’t afraid to believe in magic.

My Review: Not only is this a quick read, but it’s fun, light hearted and great to read with the kids! 

Full of wonder, magic, and impossible things. Everything you need to get in the holiday spirit and of course what child doesn’t like to learn bout Santa? 
You have to just sit down and enjoy this book, it brings out the spirit in anyone, its a really nice refreshing read and a great escape from the world. It would even make a great gift to those who love the season.
So worth the read!

My Rating:

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