Weekly Spotlight

Claudia Gray
Evernight Series
“All of my best friends are
dead people. Someday I’ve got to figure out how that happened.” 
been uprooted from her small hometown and enrolled at Evernight Academy, an
eerie Gothic boarding school where the students are somehow too perfect: smart,
sleek, and almost predatory. Bianca knows she doesn’t fit in. 

Then she meets Lucas.
He’s not the “Evernight type” either, and he likes it that way. Lucas
ignores the rules, stands up to the snobs, and warns Bianca to be careful—even
when it comes to caring about him. 

But the connection
between Bianca and Lucas can’t be denied. Bianca will risk anything to be with
Lucas, but dark secrets are fated to tear them apart and to make Bianca
question everything she’s ever believed.


Academy: an exclusive boarding school for the most beautiful, dangerous
students of all—vampires. Bianca, born to two vampires, has always been told
her destiny is to become one of them.

But Bianca fell in love with Lucas—a vampire hunter sworn to destroy her kind.
They were torn apart when his true identity was revealed, forcing him to flee
the school.

Although they may be separated, Bianca and Lucas will not give each other up.
She will risk anything for the chance to see him again, even if it means coming
face-to-face with the vampire hunters of Black Cross—or deceiving the powerful
vampires of Evernight. Bianca’s secrets will force her to live a life of lies.

Yet Bianca isn’t the only one keeping secrets. When Evernight is attacked by an
evil force that seems to target her, she discovers the truth she thought she
knew is only the beginning. 

escaping from Evernight Academy, the vampire boarding school where they met,
Bianca and Lucas take refuge with Black Cross, a fanatical group of vampire
hunters. Bianca must hide her supernatural heritage or risk certain death at
its hands. But when Black Cross captures her friend—the vampire Balthazar—hiding
is no longer an option. Soon Bianca and Lucas are on the run again, pursued not
only by Black Cross, but by the powerful leaders of Evernight. Yet no matter
how far they travel, Bianca can’t escape her destiny. Bianca has always
believed their love could survive anything…but can it survive what’s to come? 


It’s going to be okay, Lucas, I thought, willing him
to hear me past the divide between this world and the next. Wasn’t he about to
cross that divide to return to me? So maybe we were close enough for him to
dead, but we can still be together. Nothing matters more than that. We’re
stronger than death. Now nothing else ever has to come between us. You and I
never have to be apart again.

Bianca and Lucas face a terrifying new reality: they have become what they most
feared. Lucas is a vampire, and Bianca is a wraith. Together, they’ve overcome
every obstacle life has thrown at them and fought pitched battles against
enemies – mortal and otherwise. Now they must face their biggest challenge so
far. They must discover if their love is strong enough to survive what comes after life… 


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