Review Policy

Review Policy
At Lovely Reads, all requests are being accepted. We accept from authors, agents, publishers, and publicists

When you are requesting a review, I prefer to have a physical copy of the book. Physical copies are easier on the eyes, than a screen. I do understand books can be costly, so I do accept e-book copies. If your book is only published a an e-book, still be free to ask for a review.

Know that I get a number of requests daily, so all requests are done on a first come basis. If you do have a certain date/time frame in mind, let me know and I will work with you on that. Otherwise all request are done within 60 days.

All of my reviews are HONEST and based on my personal thoughts. I will NOT give a perfect review just because you ask. It would be unfair to all readers, and giving false credit to a book/author. Please accept what a reader has said, and use it to improve or keep up what you are doing. We work hard, so please don’t go bashing us if you did not appreciate our words.

Along with reviews, I host/setup Tours, Guest Posts, Interviews, Giveaways, Tens List, etc. If you are interested in doing one just let me know.

Everything that goes on my site is shared. You’ll find me posting it to my sites you see in the sidebar and a few others. 

Contact Serenity at
(All e-mails are checked daily. If for some reason you have not hear from me within 48 hours, please e-mail again. There is a chance it never went through, or went into the spam folder.)

Genre’s I Read
Young Adult
New Adult

Genre’s I’ll Try
Science Fiction

Genre’s I Won’t Accept

Some Historical
Grading System

Absolute love! Get your hands on this book right now!
Love it. Go try this book.
Mixed. Somewhat good/bad. Try it if you want.
Too many flaws, or just couldn’t get into it. Wouldn’t recommend. 
Really hated it or just DNF. Not worth your time. 

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